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Dear Mr. Harvey,

My grateful thanks to you and your team for my total knee replacement surgery.

My knee now functions as a totally normal knee, I am totally unaware of its presence, ( except when passing through airport security!). I have full flexion, extension and rotation and have resumed all my previous activities, hill walking, cycling, dinghy sailing, and canoeing. I am now totally restored to the active quality of life that I enjoyed prior to the knee degradation. A revelation!

What has been so helpful has been your restoration of the leg back to its normal length, overcoming the 1.5 inch shortening, caused by the deformity of the worn-out joint, a legacy from playing rugby!

Much praise too for the physiotherapy team, who with their help have I been able to restore full muscle strength and mobility to the leg. Cosmetically, both legs are now the same size and shape, without any swelling, the only clue to the knee replacement is an almost invisible scar over the knee.

Praise is also due to the ward team for their great care and attention and the anaesthetist Dr. Schuster Bruce.

With thanks
I had suffered with bad knees for 21 years and been advised to wait until I knew the time was right. I knew it was time when I had to avoid doing the things I enjoyed because of the discomfort and pain.

In August 2020 Professor Harvey and his team at the Harbour Hospital at Poole replaced my right knee and in January 2021 replaced the left knee.

During my time at the hospital, I was looked after wonderfully, and with the marvellous post-op physiotherapy, I have progressed beyond my expectations.

I drove after four weeks and after just seven weeks I clocked up 100 miles across the next 18 days with no pain at all.

The care I have experienced has been exemplary. My thanks to Professor Harvey and all his team at the Harbour Hospital.
Dear Mr Harvey

My sincere thanks to you and your team for enabling me to walk once again without fear of pain.

I had my second total knee replacement almost a year to the day after my first (Covid delay).

The total relief from the joint pain I was suffering was beyond words. I was again able to walk normally without crutches within two weeks and shortly after resumed cycling.

I am now able to enjoy the long walks out with my dogs once again, my quality of life restored.

The added bonus is that my legs are now perfectly straight instead of bowed out as they were.

I owe thanks and praise to the ward, aftercare teams, and for the physiotherapy directly after the op and onward as working the knee is crucial to a good recovery.

In my work and everyday life, I no longer have to think about my knees as most of the time I am unaware there was ever a problem.

My heartfelt thanks for setting me free again.
In August 2020 Adrian Harvey conducted a full knee replacement operation on my left knee and the results have been life changing.

My knee problems were rooted in a leg breakage in my 20s and now in my 60s this had led to weakness and cramping in my knee. I couldn’t stand for more than 20 minutes without resting and walking downhill had become very problematic. I could feel my once active outdoor life slipping away.

Within weeks of the operation I was walking more easily and within a few months I was able to walk 5 km. After 6 months I had progressed to full days walking in mountainous terrain.

I have also found that as my leg strength has increased so has my balance and once again I am able to climb ladders and work extensively outside the house.

The operation and care I received from Adrian Harvey and the Harbour Hospital was superb and I am so glad I received this treatment.

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