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Torn meniscus (cartilage)

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The meniscus is a C shaped disc of soft tissue that sits between the bones of the knee. It is often referred to as the cartilage and acts predominantly as a shock absorber between the two bones. Each knee has a medial or inner meniscus or a lateral or outer meniscus.

The meniscus can be torn in a variety of ways, but the most common mechanism involves a twisting type injury. In addition tears can occur in more degenerative type menisci with attrition and an absence of any memorable or specific injury.

The most common symptoms of a torn meniscus are pain and swelling. Pain will often occur with squatting and pivoting.

In addition larger tears of the meniscus can jam within the joint causing locking which is a mechanical block to extension or straightening of the knee joint. If the torn meniscus is not causing significant symptoms, such as pain, then the tear can be treated with physiotherapy.

If, however, the torn meniscus is causing pain, swelling or locking, then surgical treatment is recommended. This will often involve a keyhole procedure to remove the torn portion of the meniscus and this is referred to as a meniscectomy. Under certain circumstances and particularly in children, adolescents and younger patients, it may be possible to repair the torn meniscus. Again this is performed through an arthroscopy or keyhole procedure.

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