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Posterior cruciate ligament ruptures (PCL)

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The posterior cruciate ligament is a large ligament in the knee. It is not as commonly injured as other ligaments in the knee such as the anterior cruciate ligament or medial collateral ligament. Significant force is required to damage the posterior cruciate ligament. This ligament acts to stop the tibia or shinbone from sagging to drawing backward in relation to the femur or thighbone, when the knee is flexed or bent to a right angle.

This ligament can be injured in isolation, but can also be injured in conjunction with other ligaments around the knee. The ligament can be partially torn.

This type of injury is seen in sports such as rugby following a tackle and in road traffic accidents and may be associated with fractures of the thigh bone.

If an injury to this ligament is suspected, it is important that it is assessed. Treatment will include an examination and investigation in the form of an MRI scan.

Many posterior cruciate ligament injuries do not require surgery, but if the ligament is associated with injury to other ligaments, then surgical reconstruction is the best treatment. Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is performed by a limited number of surgeons. Adrian has been performing posterior cruciate ligament reconstructions on a regular basis for 15 years.

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