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Medial collateral ligament injuries (MCL)

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The medial collateral ligament is a strong ligament, which attaches to the inside or medial aspect of the knee. This is a commonly injured ligament. Adrian often sees medial collateral ligament injuries as a result of injuries sustained in rugby, football, skiing and martial arts. The knee will often be locally painful and tender. Occasionally the knee may feel unstable and give way.

It is important that the injury is reviewed and assessed. The treatment of this injury will involve a careful examination and assessment followed by further investigations usually in the form of an MRI scan. The majority of medial collateral ligament injuries will heal without the need for surgery, but in a number of cases, bracing of the knee is required during the healing period in addition rest, ice and anti-inflammatory medication.
In April 2017 I was put under the care of Mr Adrian Harvey as I required a partial left knee replacement. My knee was not allowing to walk round a golf course without limping and was keeping me awake at night. From our first meeting I was confident that he was the correct choice to do this. He was extremely approachable, answered all my questions and was very accommodating. We postponed the operation initially as I was preparing for Ride London 100. The operation was carried out on 31st October at The Nuffield Hospital. Again pre op he was assuring and made me feel confident that all would be well. Post op care has been first class as well. Since the operation I can now walk round a golf course without limping. I am also back playing racket sports, which I had also stopped due to the pain. I completed Ride London 100 again, 8 months after the operation, without any problems. I am back doing all the things I love doing, including a bungee jump off Victoria Falls Bridge last month. I am very grateful for the care and professionalism that Mr Harvey has given me during this time.

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