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Extensor Mechanism Injuries

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The patella or kneecap works in conjunction with the quadriceps tendon above the kneecap and the patellar or kneecap tendon below the kneecap to enable straightening and straight leg raising of the lower leg.

The patella can dislocate or slip sideways. This can occur as a result of a trauma or in patients who are susceptible to dislocation and instability of the patella.

The patellar tendon, which attaches the patella to the tibia or shinbone, can rupture, as can the quadriceps tendon, which lies above the patella.
Following a gradual decline in mobility of my left knee I was referred to Professor Harvey and had a partial knee replacement in early June 2017 at the Harbour Hospital, Poole. Following successful surgery I was up and about the next day. I followed the rehabilitation exercises and detailed pain management advice to the letter which helped in a rapid and complete recovery. I found Professor Harvey’s care and advise to be of the highest standard. My scar has almost completely disappeared which I’m sure is an indicator of a very skilful surgeon. A year after the surgery I completed a one hundred mile hike around the Alps with my daughter, something that would have been unthinkable before. 

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